The Team

The following individuals are directly involved with bringing the vision of Mister Stichs to life.

Keith Richie

Keith is a professional software developer, but when he’s not writing software, he loves to make music!

Keith first became obsessed with electronic music in the early 80’s by being exposed to the fascinating music of John Carpenter, and later Tangerine Dream which are two of his biggest influences. Keith is the visionary behind the Mister Stichs project and is the creator of the music the film will be based on.

You can find more information about Keith and his music here:

Dalton McCay

Dalton has been into fantasy, horror, and science fiction since the late 90s. He got his start with Dungeons and Dragons, and since then has let his imagination run rampant in many worlds of his creation.

Dalton is a martial arts instructor by day, game designer, and novelist by night. Mister Stichs is his first horror novel, though he has written others.

Some of Dalton’s many influences include Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gordon R. Dickson, and hundreds of video games like Dark Souls, The Legend of Zelda, Darkest Dungeon, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Legend of Dragoon, and many others.

You can follow Dalton on Facebook here:

Zach Meeks

Zach is a film director and editor from Fort Worth, TX, working primarily out of his home state and New Mexico. He fell in love with film at an early age and has grown to admire the likes of James Wan, Ti West, and Carpenter; embracing the timely approach that “less is more” and then delivering on it.

Zach is dedicated to his profession and loves taking on energetic projects. He is always looking to better himself and capture the best picture possible.