The Music

The Music of Mister Stichs

An Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtrack by Keith Richie.  The music that the Mister Stichs story and eventual film is based upon.

Mister Stichs Official Cover

“When a family moves from their home in Downey, California to a rustic country house in Texas, they begin to feel an ominous presence pervading through the house and lands surrounding it.

After coming in contact with the darkness first hand, the family is thrust into a crucible of madness that sends them into a spiral of terror and threatens to tear them apart.

Can they thwart the unspeakable evil of their stalker? Or will the vengeance of Mister Stichs leave them splintered, and clawing for sanity?”

A dark and suspenseful Original ‘N’otion Picture Soundtrack from Keith Richie.

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